“Now I Can Breathe” Book



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  • Author: Carla Lucio Alves
  • Publisher :Capitu; 1st edition (2020)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Paperback:76 pages
  • ISBN 978-65-5854-056-4
  • Dimensions : 140 x 210 mm
    We believe we can’t overcome a difficult time
    until it is actually ceased or annulled by a worse one. And is
    it is very likely that I thought so when I wrote some
    of the poems contained here.
    However, the other poems serve to warm souls and hearts
    that are in need of reconstruction. Even because
    we can and are capable of evolving in adversity. That’s why
    the chapters were ordered from pain to love, even knowing
    that this configuration is not the rule.
    Even the chapters have their title word followed by a
    comprehensive definition, so that it is clear how much each truth is
    transposed by all the experiences of yesterday and now.
    The title “Now I can breathe” was taken from one of the ver-
    are present here and brings a meaning of relief after turmoil
    that until then seemed to have no end.
    Stopping and breathing is the break we need to take in the middle of
    any difficulty. Only after “oxygenating” the ideas is it
    that we can think outside the context and see what our
    place in the situation: why; whether it is necessary; what are the consequences;
    what are the names of our pains; if we need to leave and how to do it.


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